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Let’s be honest – when you’re busy launching products, wrangling team members, and chasing your dreams, accounting tasks can feel like a hangover you never wanted. We know that bookkeeping, payroll, and cash flow forecasting weren’t on your “Reasons-I-Founded-My-Startup” list.

So why not let our accounting experts swoop in and save the day? Say goodbye to the drudgery of number crunching and embrace the freedom to focus on what truly matters.

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Startup Accounting Services From Early Stage to exit

Whether you need support with bookkeeping, financial reporting, or strategic planning, we’ve got you covered. We’re startup enthusiasts, and we love nothing more than helping founders like you succeed. With our expertise and guidance, you can focus on what you do best – building a startup that’s poised for growth and success.

Monthly Reconcilliations


Financial Reporting


Cash Flow Forecasting


Financial Consulting

Process Development

Strategic Planning

Software Implementation

Annual 1099/1096 Filing

QuickBooks cleanup

Financial analysis

Payroll processing

Expense Reimbursements

Your Accounting Mixologists

Let’s be honest, accountants aren’t typically known for their sparkling personalities. At OTB we’re shaking things up by combining decades of expertise with a dash of charisma. You’ll get expert guidance, amazing customer service, and a friendly team you will enjoy talking to!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with established tech-companies as well as startups?

Of course! Even though we work with a lot of tech startups, we can also adapt our services to suit technology companies at any stage of their business development. 
Especially if you’re currently planning your next growth phase or are preparing for an acquisition, we can help ensure you’re ready for your next move!

We do! Even though we currently work with a lot of life science and biotech startups, we can also offer support and guidance at every business development stage. From assisting you in your next growth phase to helping you prepare for an acquisition, we’re here to help — whatever that means for you.

We build our processes so that your company is ready for due diligence at any time! We’ve had clients acquired by Verily (a subsidiary of Google) and the London Stock Exchange Group, so we’ve worked through due diligence with the biggest accounting firms in the US. We’ve also had clients go public. We stick around even when the founders don’t to make sure that the transition goes smoothly!

As much as we’d love to give you a straight answer, the truth is that the cost of our services completely depends on your needs and the growth stage of your company. From bookkeeping or payroll assistance to financial forecasting, we can build packages to suit you. We also keep our contracts flexible, so they can grow as you do!

Yes! If you already have an in-house accounting team and need expert guidance on how to improve efficiency, train or manage teams, or implement the best tech software, our financial consultants have you covered!

Full-service accounting moves beyond compliance bookkeeping tasks like entering receipts and reconciling bank statements. It includes A/R, A/P, payroll, financial reporting. Then we move into strategic areas like budgeting and cash flow forecasting, custom reporting and advisory services.

Ready to offload your accounting burden? We’re here to take your call