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Keeping track of the financial numbers that drive important decisions can be a major headache – especially during those early days or periods of growth. That’s where we come in. We started this accounting firm specifically to help startups build a solid financial foundation through dependable processes and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to take the burden of bookkeeping off the shoulders of busy founders so they can focus on what really matters – growing their business.

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Kick-back, grab a beer (or NA beer), and we’ll do the rest.

When you team up with us, we won’t just pull out the same old cookie-cutter strategy and apply it to your unique situation. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and tailor our approach accordingly. Whether you’re a tech startup that needs some forecasting magic or a Life Sciences company that requires some reporting wizardry, we’ve got you covered.

Meet The Team

Your financial wing-(wo)men

At our accounting firm, we take pride in being more than just number-crunchers. We’re more like a magical blend of accountant expertise and bartender wisdom. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, and we’ll always be there to lend an ear and help you navigate any financial challenges.

Pamela Stocks


Location: North Carolina
Favorite Drink: Prosecco
Fun Fact: Pam met her husband while working as a bartender during college.

Crystal Shores

Director of Operations and Executive Assistant

Location: North Carolina
Favorite Drink: Reyka Vodka and Diet Coke
Fun Fact: Just like Pam, Crystal is originally from Vermont (they didn’t know each other then though).

Katrina Burris

Senior Accounting Specialist

Location: Arkansas
Favorite Drink: Long Island Iced Tea
Fun Fact: Katrina has a blended family of 6 with 3 boys and 3 girls within a 5 year age range.

Drew DiModica

Senior Accounting Specialist
Life Sciences and Non-Profits

Location: Ohio
Favorite Drink: Angel’s Envy Whiskey
Fun Fact: Drew is one of 7 children he has 15 nieces and nephews (so far). 

Morgan Flear

Accounting Specialist
Professional Services

Location: Kansas
Favorite Drink: Bloody Mary
Fun Fact: Morgan used to barrel race when she was younger.

Kim Palacio

accounting Specialist
Life Sciences

Location: Texas
Favorite Drink: Coffee, Sprite, and Blue Gatorade
Fun Fact: Kim loves to read in her spare time and her favorite genre is fantasy fiction (i.e. Vampires, witches, Harry Potter, Dragons…the more imaginative the better). 

Logan Stocks

Accounting Specialist
Tech and Professional Services

Location: North Carolina
Favorite Drink: Michelob Ultra
Fun Fact: Logan has a near-fluent ability to speak and comprehend French.

Lyndsey Stocks

Jr. Accounting Specialist

Location: Ohio
Favorite Drink: Chai Latte
Fun Fact: Boston is Lyndsey’s favorite city, and she hopes to move there after she graduates.

Frankie Means

Accounting Specialist

Location: North Carolina
Favorite Drink: Pineapple flavored sparkling water
Fun Fact: Frankie has traveled to over 50 countries due to her military background.

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